Candy Crush

Candy Crush

When we got together to do this Candy inspired shoot, we never for a minute imaged that it would get as much attentions as it did . This has been my most reposted work to date. I have actually lost count of the number of pages that reposted these images and truely grateful for the love and support we received.

I have since regularly received messeges from various people asking how i achieved the looks, in particular the ‘art’ side of if not so much the makeup application etc 🙂

Main Items Used

Vaseline, Cake Sprinkles, Liquorice (sweets), Garden Wire and Super Glue

For this look, I simply applied a thin layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly all over her chest and shoulder area. I then liberally sprinkled the sweets over the areas where I had applied Vaseline and they immediately stuck, it was that simple 🙂

On the lips, I first of all applied a pink liquid lipsick with a lipgloss on top (the lipgloss was applied liberally as well) . I then sprinkled some sweets onto a tissue paper and asked the model to dip her lips in the sprinkles. We did this twice as there were still some gaps in between.  Any stray sprinkles where simply dusted off with a brush.

I also dubbed a little Vaseline around hairline and placed more sprinkles.

This was my 2nd favourite look from this shoot.

To make the necklaces, I used Garden Wire and Liquorice sweets. I simply fed the sweets through the garden wire until I had a good size to go around the neck. I then tied it to the size this particular model while we where on set.

On the lids I again used Vaseline as a base and used my fingers place the sprinkles onto the lids.

I bought these sunglasses in a charity shop for 20p each, YES 20p EACH 🙂  then took out the actual lenses of as we did not need them . I then applied super glue on the frames of the glasses where i wanted to cover with sprinkles. After doing this i then dipped the frames in the spinkles and left them to dry over night.

***please note i did have my gloves on while handling super glue

So this is how i achieved these looks guys.. Thank you for reading.

Sandz xx

Sandra Shamu

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